General information


The long route is 144 km, whereas the short route is 136 km


The long route has a cumulated altitude gain of 2700m and the short one 2100m.


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Mountain Passes & Hills

1.Alt Del Pla De Les Arenes – with 29 km and 835+, it is the longest mountain pass of the route. From the village Anglès till Osor, we find 9 km of slight slopes. After Osor we start the hardest and wining part of the pass, with 5’5 km and an elevation gain of 5%. A few quick kilometres with the same altitude gain, will drive us to Sant Hilari Sacalm. Once we have crossed this population, we will head for el Pla De Les Arenes, 4 km long in 4’5%.

2.Coll De Romegats – the shortest mountain pass of the route but the one with the hardest beginning. After going down the long slope of Collsesplanes and crossing Sant Sadurní D’Osmort, we will find slopes up to 11 % to warm up and as a prelude of the 4,1 km at 4,6 %, skirting the Eix Transversal.

3.Coll De Condreu – The roof of the march with 1028 m. Leaving Roda de Ter we have in front the first 14.5 km with slopes between 3-4% where we leave behind the villages of Santa Maria de Corcó and Cantonigrós until you reach coll de bac. Once we crown the top, a small descent of 4.5 km where we will lose about 100 meters in altitude before doing the last 8 km with gentle slopes until reaching Coll de Condreu, at 1028 m.

4.Alt De Sant Martí Sacalm – those who decide to finish the long route will have 8,3 km left at 7%. The persistence required to go up the slope may seem endless if you haven’t saved energy. Nevertheless, the effort is worth it for the amazing environment you will be surrounded: La Corba del Mirador, La Font De la Teula and the mountain chain El Far, as well as the reward of the huge training to crown the 144 km and 2700+ of the Cycle Tour Amer-Sant Martí.